Blog series: revison of EN ISO 13849: Part 2 (Chapters 5-6)

Uppdaterat: 27 feb. 2020

A while ago I wrote three blog posts outlining in detail the changes in the standard but as the revision work is ongoing I have decided to halt that work and remove the content of these posts until the DIS is released in the end of April. Sorry to make you disappointed but I can refer you to this shorter summary for now. Please be on the look-out for when I post the final four posts in May 2020.


The blog posts in the series:

  1. General, overview and methodology (chapters 1-4) (not released)

  2. Specification of safety functions and design considerations (chapters 5-6) (not released)

  3. Software, Verification, Ergonomics, Validation and Documentation (chapters 7-13) (not released)

  4. The Annexes (not released)


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Roberth Jonsson

Consultant at Zatisfy AB in Umeå. Roberth want companies to include CE marking naturally in their daily work. Roberth is taking part of the standardization of EN ISO 13949 by being a member of TK282 at SIS.

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